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The Calais Custom Homes
Worry Free Limited Warranty®
Delivering the Ultimate Home Ownership Experience since 1986.

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Calais Custom Homes is dedicated to your enjoying our Ultimate Ownership Experience!  After a smooth transition into your new home, we stand by our commitments to the high quality standards set forth in our Worry Free Limited Warranty®. Specific details, coverages and homeowner instructions related to our warranty are included in your new Calais Homeowner Handbook, which is provided to you at the closing of your home. Several key elements of our Worry Free Limited Warranty include:

60-day Warranty List after your move-in

Our goal for every new Calais Homeowner is to achieve a defect-free home within the first 90 days after moving in. Though we strive to build a defect-free home, we are realistic to know there will be items needing attention once you have time to settle in after your move. Calais recommends each new homeowner use the first 60 days after move-in to thoroughly inspect every aspect of your new home, and test all components that were delivered as part of it. Included in your Calais Homeowner Handbook is a form labeled "60-day Warranty List". Simply keep this form handy and make detailed notes of items you feel need attention, then upload a copy of the document as you make your online Warranty Service Request. We'll begin coordinating efforts to resolve all items within 30 days after your online request is received in the Calais Warranty System. 

End of 1st year in-Residence Warranty List

Near the completion of the 11th month of your Materials & Workmanship Warranty (included as part of your Worry Free Limited Warranty), we recommend each homeowner submit an "End of 1st year in-Residence Warranty List" using the same Warranty Service Request method outlined above. The Calais Homeowner Handbook includes detailed specifications for the Materials & Workmanship Warranty.

Our criteria for qualifying warranty repairs are based on typical industry practices in our region, and meet or exceed those practices for the components of your home. We do however reserve the right to exceed these guidelines if individual circumstances dictate without being obligated to exceed any other guideline to a similar degree, or for all homeowners.  

Emergency & non-Emergency Warranty Requests

Emergency requests:
Calais Custom Homes classifies the following items as emergencies which require immediate attention. Please submit your online EMERGENCY WARRANTY REQUEST and call our offices right away for:
  • A total loss of heat when outside temperatures are below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A total loss of electricity, or water.  Note: please verify outage is not due to any utility company issue before submitting your online request.
  • A plumbing leak requiring a total shut-off of the water supply.
  • A natural gas leak.  Note: contact your plumber or utility company if the gas leak is at the furnace or water heater supply lines.
Non-Emergency requests:
An online Warranty Service Request may be submitted at any time for warranty needs arising between the 60-day Warranty List submission and the End of 1st year in-Residence Warranty List submission.


Live Calais Lifestyle.  Your Ultimate Home Ownership Experience.

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